Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus; Which Smartphone is Worth Your Bucks?

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Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus

The world of the smartphones is thrilled after the launch of Google?s Pixel. Unlimited photo storage, prompt voice assistance, and many interesting features are enough to beat any smartphone in the world. But with iPhone 7 Plus to give the Pixel a run for its money, which smartphone will users go for now? It’s a Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus battle.?

After beating Samsung in the market, Apple got a brand new competition from Google. Pixel is embedded with all the innovative features of the Google search engine. It?s a mini Google right at your pocket. Those who are planning to buy a smartphone this Christmas must consider Pixel and iPhone 7 in their decision.

Specialties of Pixel XL

Pixel XL is the best example of highest Android capabilities. The plus point for buying Pixel XL is its unlimited free storage as the device has inbuilt cloud capacity. Apple also offers unlimited storage, but it?s not free. Users have to pay to get the access to unlimited free storage.

Apart from the unlimited free storage, the best thing about Pixel XL is the Google AI. Google AI is better, smarter and faster than Siri. It also incorporated a bigger battery with fast charging through USB-C Port. And by keeping the headphone jack, Google made it a little superior to iPhone.

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Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus

The camera is the feature in which iPhone 7 beats Pixel XL. With its dual camera, iPhone 7 devices captured more realistic pictures than Pixel. Next important thing that iPhone 7 provides is water resistance. If the chances of dropping the phone into water or toilet are high, better choose an iPhone.

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Although Pixel and iPhone are priced identically, there?s a vast difference between the hardware and features. ?But on the whole, iPhone makes a slightly better case for the users, according to Mr.Mobile.

Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus are the two smartphones that US buyers will find these days. Perhaps they are also the two of the best smartphones to consider before buying a mobile device.

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