‘Pixel Press Floor’: A Unique Game on iOS

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iOS gaming is one superior platform, and obviously, it’s?got better game choices when compared to Android. Especially when there?s one particular game that sets itself apart from the bandwagon of shooters, endless runners, simulators and mmorpgs.

Exclusively on iOS devices, there?s a game that is called Pixel Press Floors. It is a game where your childhood dreams can become a reality (if you?re old), and a good stepping stone if you plan or want to venture into the gaming industry as a youngster. This is a game that will make you miss and love classic side-scrolling action on video games.

Here?s what makes it unique: You draw your own level, and then you play it. Simple as that.

The cool thing is, you don?t have to do the hard work on your iPad?s screen. You can easily draw it on a piece of specialized paper with grids that you can download for free on their site. You then take a picture of it once done, and voila, you created your own level for a side-scrolling game. Just like how you dreamed of being able to design your own levels when you were younger.

There?s a bit of a learning curve however, as you don?t just go and draw anything you like. You need to follow a few rules in drawing on the grid, plus there are certain icons that you need to know about. If, however, you?re accurate with these few rules, Pixel Press Floors will be an awesome treat.

The best thing about this is, the sharing feature. You can create and share your own mind-puzzling levels with your friends, and you can download theirs as well.

The controls are smooth enough. Not the best there is, but it?gets the job done just right.

We recommend playing the game on iPad, though it is also available on iPhone, but the bigger screen shines bright, especially when you are creating your levels and doing all those intricate details. You can also design your level in-app, and the iPad is also a great choice for this.

Image Credit to Pixel Press YouTube

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