Pitch Perfect 3 Release Date And Plot: New Movie Will Be Different Because Of Low Reviews From Critics? Auditions To Appear In The Movie!

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Aca-believe it. Pitch Perfect 3 might be different from previous films as the cast themselves are prepared to try something unique for the franchise. Pitch Perfect 3 star Anna Kendric has recently spoken about her upcoming film and she enthusiastically expressed what we can expect for the third installment of their successful acapella movie. ?I think everyone?s really excited to do something a little different, change up the structure or something and do something really creative,? Kendric told GMA last week.

Will this new direction for the Pitch Perfect 3 movie mean that the Barden Bellas will merge with the Treble Makers? Will this mean a drastic change in plot? Will there no longer be stereotypes like in the first two films? It looks like we?ll have to wait longer to get more new details as the film isn?t coming anytime soon.

Maybe Pitch Perfect 3 will try to turn back to its roots as the first film was more positively received by critics. The first movie earned $65 million locally and a total of $115 million worldwide at a production budget of $17 million. It received high scores from critics as it sat at an average rating of 81 percent on Rotten Tomatoes with 113 critics saying it was a fresh film while 27 said it was Rotten.

The second movie earned nearly three times more with $183 million locally and $285 million worldwide at a production cost of $29 million. The second movie, however, was panned by critics for being inferior to its predecessor. Pitch Perfect 2 garnered an average of 67 percent on Rotten Tomatoes with 110 critics saying the film was fresh while 55 said it was Rotten.

Audition For Role

Kendric has recently announced that fans can be a part of the third movie via sending a Dubsmash video, Lancasteronline reported. Users only need to use a music from the Pitch Perfect movie, perform it yourself, and post it online accompanied by the hashtag #Pitchsmash, the report said. One winner will be selected to appear in the third movie while 10 runner-ups will nab the first two movies on Blue-Ray, the report said.

Pitch Perfect 3 is set to release on July 21, 2017. The film will again be directed by Kay Cannon. Kendric Rebel Wilson, and Brittany Snow (Chloe) are confirmed to reprise their roles.

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