Pitch Perfect 3 Release Date And News: Director And Cast Confirmed To Return, Release Date Delayed?

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Pitch Perfect 3, the third installment of one of this year?s biggest summer movie, just got a major update announcement as a number of stars have been announced to reprise their roles. The director of the past two Pitch Perfect movies will also return to helm the sequel.

Don?t set your expectations too high that you watch the film soon because there is a possibility that the release date gets delayed. Here is the latest Pitch Perfect 3 news you should know.

Pitch Perfect 3 News

It has now been revealed that director Elizabeth Banks will return to helm the A Cappela comedy movie with Kay Cannon writing the script, Variety reported. Actress Anna Kendrick (Beca), Brittany Snow (Chloe), and Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy/Fat Patricia) have all sealed the deal to reprise their roles, the report said.

Pitch Perfect 3 Release Date

It was previously announced that the movie?s release date is set on August 4, 2017. This however doesn?t seem to be the final date if director Elizabeth Banks suddenly becomes preoccupied with her other directorial work.

Banks was still weighing her other work on movies at the time the August 4, 2017 release date was announced, Variety reported. She is currently said to direct Red Queen and a Charlie?s Angels reboot, both of which are still under development, the report said.

Are you excited to watch the upcoming Pitch Perfect movie? With the Barden Bellas having won the 2015 World Championship of A cappela, what else can we expect?

Ana Kendric previous said that they are preparing something different for the third installment. ?I think everyone?s really excited to do something a little different, change up the structure or something and do something really creative,? Kendric said. We?ll also get to see how the winner of the Dubsmash video contest will appear in PP3.

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