Pippa Middleton Nude Photos Part Of 3000 Pics Stolen From iCloud?

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Pippa Middleton Nude Photos

Pippa Middleton nude photos may appear all over the internet as she is the latest victim of a hacking incident that stole thousands of photos from her iCloud account. With the recent news, many are wondering if there will be Pippa Middleton nude photos that will be leaked as a result.

Kate Middleton may be the Duchess of Cambridge but her sister is not to be left behind the limelight too. With her gorgeous looks, Pippa Middleton has become one of the most popular socialite not only in England but also in the whole world. That popularity though may come with a price as she was recently the target of an internet hack and subsequent blackmail.

According to Daily Mail UK, Pippa Middleton?s iCloud account was hacked and over 3,000 photos were taken. What?s more, an anonymous seller called ?mas? contacted her with an offer to sell her the stolen photographs for ?50,000.

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The same report mentions that the thousands of photos include not only Pippa but likewise her family, including that of Prince William, Princess Kate and the royal children. The thieves have likewise contacted the media with their claim that they are in possession of thousands of photos of the socialite.

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This recent invasion of privacy comes on the heels of similar iCloud hacks of numerous celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and many more. The stolen images were leaked and showed countless nude photos of the popular celebrities.

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Now that the same situation happened with Pippa, there is certainly a possibility that the thousands of photos stolen from her iCloud account could include a few naked pictures of her.

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The same report mentions that the photos include photos of parties, wedding dresses of the royal children and pretty much everything in between. That certainly gives a hint that Pippa Middleton nude photos could be included in the heist as well.

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