Pippa Middleton News: Kate?s Sister Visibly Heartbroken After Break-up

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Troubled, careworn and without a hint of make-up, Pippa Middleton had heartbreak written across her face last week, a lonely figure pacing the streets of London.

Days after breaking up with Nico Jackson ? the boyfriend of three years who she was expected to marry ? Pippa was seen leaving the smart members-only South Kensington Club, where she had been putting herself through a stress-relieving gym session.

According to Daily Mail UK, she was so distracted that ? she managed to drive through a red light later that same evening.

Things could hardly have been more different just three weeks ago, when photographs of Pippa and blue-eyed stockbroker Nico, 36, were published walking through North London looking blissfully happy.

She was obviously delighted to allow the tall and handsome man she loved to wrap a protective arm around her shoulders.

Pippa was seen leaving the South Kensington Club after a session at the gym to help get over the end of her three-year relationship with the stock broker.

Rumours are it was Kate Middleton’s sister who suggested the break-up, in the hopes it might entice a marriage proposal. Instead, Nico agreed. It is said he fled to his home in Geneva.

Rumour are the couple only saw each other for five days a month owing to their work commitments, reported Folke Stone Herald.

A source close to Pippa said, ?Friends say that when she suggested a break-up to Nico, Pippa had suspected he might react with a grand gesture to win her back – like a marriage proposal.?

The insider added, ?Instead, Nico surprised her by accepting all too swiftly that the relationship had indeed ‘run its course’ and walked away, flying back to the Geneva flat he has called home for almost two years. Pippa was left behind, broken-hearted.?

Just recently, Pippa was spotted spending one-on-one time with her ex-boyfriend in London, while hoping to make Nico jealous, but unfortunately the plan didn’t work in her favor.

Pippa and Nico were on-again, off-again for nearly three years. Many friends in their inner circle say distance was a huge problem in their relationship, as Pippa lives full-time in London while Nico worked as a stockbroker in Geneva, Switzerland, reported Enstarz.

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