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The World Of Warcraft is a cultural phenomenon. It’s unlike any other MMORPG that’s been released. Over 8 million subscribers alone should be enought to etch it in stone as a National Pasttime. When you walk down the street to hit the local 7/11 and you hear some guy screaming out of his window about rogues stunlocking abilities, you realize that WoW is as big as life. Yeah, I’ve screamed about rogues too. I can relate to that guy and I don’t even know him.

WoW has linked millions of people all across the world. Isn’t it fitting that like all things great, WoW has it’s own product lines? I’m not talking about the wonderful stuff from Blizzard’s Online Store either. That’s a given. I’m talking about the large amounts of custom gear made by the fans and players of WoW. Sites like Cafepress have hundreds of different WoW wares you can purchase. Take this Got Noggenfogger? Shirt for instance. This is a take on the old Got Milk? t-shirts. How many times have you asked a fellow partymate if they had any Noggenfogger?


These can be had at MC Koob’s Cottage at Cafepress. He’s also got some cool Gadgetzan postage!

Then of course there’s metal….lots of it! The guys over at MyIMPORTstore have rings, necklaces and belt buckles with your favorite orcs or nightelfs on them. There’s even one ring to rule all simple minded alliance.

Lastly, how could I possible talk about pimpin all this WoW gear without mentioning JINX and their awesome WoW section? They have stickers, pins, buttons, patches and awesome hats!

So save your gold coins and do some WoW shopping online this year. Pimp your WoW to the fullest and still look cool!

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