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Pimp My Handheld Bride: The Perfect Accessories for the PS Vita

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Yes, it is expensive. Yes, the memory cards are, too! Yes, even the games cost a lot. But here you are, with PS Vita in your hand; looking to spend more money on accessories to really help make your handheld wife look like the expensive mistress Sony made you think she was.

We at TheBitBag feel the same way too. And in a sea of countless things you can add to the Vita, we have provided you with the two most important and necessary additions to the system to make it a complete beast of a machine.



One of the biggest flaws to this beast of a machine is the battery life. The box itself says that the most you?ll get out of it is 5 hours tops. That?s PROVIDED you tune down the volume, dim out the screen, disable network options and sulk like a little crybaby during an extended playing session.

Third-party accessory wizard Nyko has provided the most stylish and almost seamless attachment that alleviates the problem and gives a little bit more than it promises.


With the Nyko Power Grip for the Vita, it guarantees a doubling in terms of battery life. Yes, that is right. You no longer have to be chained to the wall outlet when you pack it in with your Vita. With the grip, you blast the brightness while trashtalking into your handset for almost seven full hours!

But it doesn?t just give your baby more juice. It gets ?extra cushion for the pushing. The frame of the exoskeleton features a more familiar shape to the Playstation fan. It clips on quite easily and makes the Vita look like a regular controller. Those two appendages extending from the sides of the frame are plastic grips with a matte finish to make sure your hands don?t get hurt while you hammer away at your console.

With a black finish that usually comes with first-party Playstation items, you could swear that the NyKo grip looks just like one of them; if it weren?t for the logo on the front side of the frame.



We know you don?t just use that OLED screen for gaming. That?s one of the clearest and brightest displays on a handheld in the market. This makes the Vita the perfect movie reel and series marathon runner.

But how on Earth are you going to love the screen if you can?t have it standing on its? own? Having the earphone port at the bottom doesn?t help those who wish to utilize the Vitas? media-playing prowess. It?s like it was designed ?only to be held?.


Which is why NyKo, yes, those beautiful people at NyKo have once again provided us with a solution. And yes, just like the Power Grip, it does more than solve the problem.

The Vita Speaker Stand from NyKo provides an easy-to-attach feel that simply requires you to slide the console onto it. It looks like an unobtrusive paperweight. With a small LED indicator at the bottom, you?ll know if the Vita is connected and ready for watching!

Did we forget to mention that it also serves as a charging dock? Yes you read that right. You can also charge your unit while you watch! No more frantic searches for adaptors when that dreadful red bar shows up in the middle of a movie.

TheBitBag understands that every fancy piece of machinery you pack deserves the proper jewelries to make sure your peers get jealous when you flaunt them. But in today?s discerning world, you also need function. Our suggestions are sure to make your PS Vita experience more enjoyable.




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