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Pillars of Eternity Set for Backer Beta Next Month

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Developer of Fallout New Vegas, Obsidian Entertainment, has been working on their upcoming RPG Pillars of Eternity for quite some time now. The Kickstarter-funded project, dubbed ?Project Eternity,? started in 2012 and was able to raise nearly $4 million during its campaign and together with its funding through PayPal, it eventually grew to $4,163,208. The project has way exceeded its target goal and is currently the second most-funded RPG game in Kickstarter.

Since then, little has been heard from the game except for a couple of minor updates here and there. But now we have good news for those patiently waiting for the game?if you are one of the 73,986 backers who have pledged on its campaign that is.

The developers have just announced that they that they will be opening the Backer Beta. This means only people who have contributed in its Kickstarter campaign are only allowed access. In the update post, Obsidian mentioned that the game will be released for the backers next month, on August 18. In the meantime, the developers will keep us posted on any news including the next big update.

?With production moving into the finalization phase for Eternity, the team and I are hunkering down to finish up the game over the next few months. Going forward, we will be spacing out our backer updates a bit more from now until the project ships. They?ll come a bit less predictably, but you can still expect updates as we have big announcements or special news for you. This will really help us focus as much of our efforts into putting out the best game we possibly can for everyone.


“We will be releasing our Backer Beta on August 18th. As we mentioned above, we will get into all of the specifics about the Backer Beta in our next update. Be on the lookout for it over the next month.?

Eternity is fantasy role-playing game set in a dark world filled with magical creatures as you embark on a journey to explore Baldur?s Gate. You get to choose one of the six playable races: Human, Aumaua, Dwarf, Elf, Godlike, and Orlan. You also have a range of unique classes to choose from.

No official word has come from the developer or publisher on when the game will enter open beta or be released but it?s expected to be sometime this year.

To know more about Pillars of Eternity, you can go visit their official website.

Image Source: Obsidian

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