Pictual : iPhone App That Turns Words Into Images

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Pictual : iPhone App That Turns Words Into Images

It is often said (and sung) that pictures paint a thousand words. An iPhone app wants to turn that around and enable iPhone users to turn words into visual declarations. The app, called Pictual, turns words into images that can say what you mean in a more visual way.?

The app is currently catching the attention of many ?creative? iPhone users who want other ways of sending messages. The developers of the app assert that everyone loves a good picture with a quote, a motivational poster, or a meme with funny captions. So why not make an app to help users create those visual statements, in just a few clicks, that they can share with family and friends.

Pictual takes into account the meaning or sentiment involved in the words that are chosen, and transforms these words into images that convey the same message. For example, a line that says ?Climbing up a mountain? will result into hundreds of images ? with mountains, trees, cliffs, etc. – to choose from. If you type in the words ? Just arrived in Sydney?, templates of Sydney will be shown, and you can share it with your friends who will certainly get the ?message? instantly, with or without you adding any text or additional graphics. The image can be shared directly from the Pictual app to your favorite social network or messaging tool like Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.

What makes Pictual an outstanding app is not only does it help you choose wonderful images, it also allows you to edit and share it with ease. Chintan Intwala, the ?founder? of Pictual says that ? Pictual is on a mission to democratize creativity in graphic design by providing simple and easy to use creativity tools to bring out the latent creativity in all of usPictual was born out of an observation that high-end professional creativity tools such as Photoshop benefit a very small segment of the population.? (Note: Intwala used to work for Adobe Photoshop).

Intwala also adds that ?Pictual wants to give our customers access to high-quality designs, tools and experiences to unleash their creative genius.?

Pictual has 3 great but simple functions:

  1. Express : Express Yourself. Type the words and get the image.
  2. Upload: Edit, Add and Upload it with ease. You can use existing photos on your phone or one that you have already uploaded in an app or site, and choose among templates ( typo or graphic) that you can add on top of the image, ready to share.
  3. Browse: Browse the image that suits your sentiment with simple words and customize it to say what you want to say.

Intwala reveals that the images and designs in the Pictual app are creations of individual designers and that ?each design is meant to tell a story and each design was put together tastefully by an artistJust as the user of Pictual uses the designs to express themselves, the designer or the artist is expressing his or her creativity through the artwork.?

Pictual is a free app found in the Apple App Store. An Android app is still being planned, although Intwala hints that it may be coming soon as he reveals, that it is one of the most requested things from current users.

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