Pick Up These Trials Fusion Tips and Tricks To Let Your Bike Do The Best Moves

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Trials Fusion tips and tricks to let your bikes perform the best moves

Developed by Redlynx in collaboration with Ubisoft Ukraine and Ubisoft Shanghai, ?Trials Fusion? is the sequel to the top-rated Trials Evolution game and is the fifth installment in the Trials franchise. The game was released on April 2014 for the PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One consoles and Windows PC. If you?re one of those players who always fall behind or you simply want to learn how to get ahead, check out our Trials Fusion tips below to help give you the necessary edge.

How to maintain good balance in Trials Fusion

An important Trials Fusion tip is to always maintain balance. If you?re thrown off-track even in the slightest bit, there?s a good chance that you?ll end up colliding and crashing into the side tracks. Speaking about balance, always remember two things. For one, be sure that you land properly if you?re jumping or coming off a ledge. You may do some flips once in a while but make sure to land on two wheels all the time. Secondly, there are times that you need to sacrifice speed. Of course, you need to go as fast as you can to clear gaps. But in some situations, if you go fast while jumping into a tilted surface you may suffer a deadly crash so remember to lower your speed when doing such stunts.

Learn to lean into your bike

This is something that most players overlook often, but all players should be aware of this useful Trials Fusion tip. Though it?s not always advisable to lean into your bike all the time, you should practice it whenever you go up on a hill or a ramp. By doing so you?re not only keeping yourself from falling backwards, you?re also maintaining the momentum to keep on going forward. Furthermore, if you lean forward just as you are finishing a jump, the boost in momentum will help bring back the bike?s top speed.

Trials Fusion tips and tricks

Trials Fusion tips and tricks

Follow these Trials Fusion tips to perform skill move tricks

Remember that the ?right stick? of game controllers is the extension of your legs. A simple Trials Fusion tip to keep this is mind is to push the right stick into the direction where you want your legs to go. Pick up these tricks to help your bike perform skill moves to win the game.

Horizontal ? Front Wheel Forward?

  • Superman: Left?(Direction of Right Stick)
  • Coffin: Right
  • Proud Hero: Down
  • Rule: Left -> Up (Quarter-Circle Rotation)
  • Dead Body: Left -> Up -> Right (Semi-Circle Rotation)

Horizontal ? Upside Down

  • Underdog: Right
  • Drill: Down
  • Slash: Down -> Left

Vertical ? Front Wheel Up

  • Going Up: Down
  • Going to Heaven: Down -> Left
  • Kiss of Death: Left -> Up

Vertical ? Front Wheel Down

  • Going to Hell: Up
  • Bow: Up -> Right
  • Polevault: Right -> Down



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