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Photos Of Alleged iPad Air 2 Dummy Leak Online, May Come With Touch ID And A8 Chipset

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Alleged iPad Air 2 dummy photos leaked, said to have Touch ID and A8 chipset

Apple?s annual fall announcements are still months away, but their upcoming 2014 portfolio of devices has been leaking with an unprecedented rate. So far, we have witnessed a lot of iPhone 6 leaks. This time, it appears that the rumored iPad Air 2 will have its own share of the leak spotlight too.

The California-based tech giant is reportedly expanding its range of devices which utilize the innovative Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This is hinted in the photos of the alleged iPad Air 2 that have been spotted recently at Ortud.com and shared by Nowhereelse.fr. If the iPad dummy shown in these photos is indeed authentic, then the iPad Air sequel offers some notable physical changes.

Alleged iPad Air 2 photos - front view, with Touch ID-capable home button

Alleged iPad Air 2 photos – front view, with Touch ID-capable home button

The photos of the non-functioning iPad Air 2 model have initially been circulated in Japan and China. Aside from the expected Touch ID support, they also show some modifications in its physical features like the new single-rowed speaker grill. The holes in the grill are now larger and placed on both sides of the Lightning port. The existing iPad Air has a speaker grill with double rows of smaller holes. In the photos, you can clearly see that the two volume buttons are recessed, as opposed to the current iPad Air?s protruding version. Another odd physical change is the absence of the orientation lock and mute switch that was traditionally located above the volume buttons. A small circular hole is now placed there instead.

Alleged iPad Air 2 photos - Speaker grill

Alleged iPad Air 2 photos – Speaker grill

The tech rumor mill is confident that Apple will eventually furnish the iPad Air 2 with an enhanced processor and better camera. The upcoming model may come with Apple?s latest A8 chipset to deliver improved computing and battery performance. The rear camera of the iPad Air 2 will reportedly be updated from 5 megapixels to an 8-megapixel version. A tiny hole is located below the lens which is said to function as a microphone.

Alleged iPad Air 2 photos - Rear camera

Alleged iPad Air 2 photos – Rear camera

New generation iPads are predicted to be unveiled during this year?s fall season; Apple tends to launch new tablets every October, if we are to deduce from their previous announcements. Furthermore, the latter half of this year may indeed be an eventful period for the tech giant as they are expected to release the rumored iPhone 6, new iPad and iPad Mini models, and the iWatch during this time frame.


Photo Credit: ?Ortud.com


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