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Our generation these days is being inclined to photography due to the emerging growth of the technology where every one of us is now able to take variety of shots using only our mobile phones. As part of the continuing evolution of photography, aside from the ?old school? topics of picture-making which includes nature, night city landscapes, animals and foods, here goes another subject called the ?human face.?

There are millions of different human faces taken only by our android phones that were shared to different social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. These photos are called ?selfies.? (Selfie is the slang term to describe a photo of yours taken by yourself.)

For a person to take his/her selfie, he/she must have a photography application downloaded on her own android phone. There are many existing most wanted photo-apps for taking selfies available in the App and PlayStore but here are the top four to name a few:

Camera 360. Camera360 reached the top spot for it was the most rated free app to use for taking photos. It makes everything easy as it lets its user to manage, edit, store and share photos all in one place. Now, it had introduced its updated version where you can take videos as well. It contains lots of cameras which will definitely enhance your own self-taken pictures ? the effect cam, selfie cam, easy cam, scene cam, funny cam, tilt-shift cam, color-shift cam and audio cam. All are free.

There are also many available effects and you are now capable of putting effects on your photos even if your selfie wasn?t taken using the Camera360 app. It is possible through its feature ?Other Album.? It also has professional edit features such as crop, rotate, blur, texture, adjust and many others.

Retrica. Retrica was first available only on iPhones but later became accessible too for android phone lovers for free. It simply differs from Camera360 because its main offer is numerous professionally designed filters for your vintage style, high resolution selfies.

It includes two new additional features ? Vignette, Out-of-Focus Blur, Self-timer, Photo Booth with layouts and selectable boarders. The other one is Retrica Logo Watermark with 14 awesome Retrica Logos. You may turn off the logo watermark in the settings if you like.

LINE Camera. LINE camera is becoming one of the hottest free photo-apps. It features over a thousand of stamps including the famous LINE stamps and over a hundred different kinds of frames. This app lets you make your own original stamps using your own illustrations, text or photos.

It also offers cute and sleek filters and collages which can make your photos above-normal. LINE camera also has a full collection of photography aids such as timer, touch photo, grid display, etc.

Photogrid. Photogrid looked to be the most used free app in the PlayStore when making photo collages. It presents different collage types ? Grid HD, Single HD, Template HD, Filmstrip, Free HD and Video Slides.

It makes you share several photos of your choice in just one post. This app contains variety of layouts for photo grids, wallpapers, photo walls and albums. The downloader may edit, move, swap, rotate and sketch a certain photo once he/she wishes to. Also, using this, the editor can share photos with videos in one collage.

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