PhoneSoap On Shark Tank: Sanitize & Recharge Your Phone At The Same Time

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Looking for a ?tanning bed? for your phone? Check out PhoneSoap. (Image courtesy of

A new product that promises to degerm our phones while recharging them has recently been featured on the Shark Tank TV show. PhoneSoap is a universal charger that does a lot more.

What is PhoneSoap?

This piece of technology is the key product of a company built by Dar Barnes and Wes LaPorte who hail from Provo, Utah. They attempted to seek major investment from a panel of renowned investors or ?sharks? from the popular ABC reality TV show called Shark Tank.

The duo started their spiel by announcing that our cellphones have more germs on them than a public toilet. According to them, one in six phones even has fecal matter on them. PhoneSoap tries to appeal to consumers by letting them clean their devices by simply putting them inside the product?s case and recharge simultaneously.

At first, the concept didn?t seem to appeal to some of the sharks. Business 2 Community reported that Robert Herjavec was the first to give the thumbs down by stating ?I don?t need a tanning bed for my phone.? Mark Cuban then wondered about the product?s application in the hospital setting, asking if it can also clean tablets in less than one minute.

Meanwhile, Barbara Corcoran expressed her concern about PhoneSoap being too bulky and mentioned that she can just easily clean her phone by using antibacterial baby wipes, and for those reasons, she bowed out of the deal. It was Kevin O?Leary who made the first but conditional offer. He said that he?d give the $300K that the duo is asking for provided that he will get a return of $6 for every unit sold aside from other conditions. In the end, ?QVC queen? Lori Greiner landed a deal by offering $300K investment for a 10% stake with the company.

How does it work?

Okay, so enough with the hemorrhage-inducing business-talk and on with the tech-speak, like we usually do. PhoneSoap works by using ultraviolet (UV) light to sanitize mobile phones. If you still think that baby wipes are more convenient, the product?s inventors counter that by citing that chemicals and antimicrobial agents found in those wipes can damage the device?s body as well as the protective coating of their touchscreens.

PhoneSoap charger takes four minutes to completely sanitize your handset. It measures 6 inches in length and 3.74 inches in width; meaning it can accommodate almost any phone. It also features ?acoustic outlets? so you may still hear alarms and notifications even if your phone is snucked inside the product.

How to use PhoneSoap (Image courtesy of

How to use PhoneSoap (Image courtesy of


Where can I get it?

If you like sanitizing your devices a lot, you hate baby wipes, and your old charger is starting to show signs of aging, then you could the new PhoneSoap charger. It?s available for $59.95 right from the company website. See how PhoneSoap proprietors pitched their product on Shark Tank below.

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