Phone Makers Facing Massive OLED Display Shortage in 2017; Huawei Said to Get Only 8 Percent

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Mobile phone makers facing massive OLED display shortage in 2017

The mobile phone market is now being flooded with devices sporting OLED displays. What was once dominated by LCD panels is now being supplemented by a new king of displays. However, it seems that 2017 will be a tough year for phone makers due to a possible shortage of OLED panels.

According to Digitimes, Samsung Display will be the main supplier of OLED displays this year. The company will make up around 70 percent of the global OLED market. Unfortunately, much of these panels will be used by Samsung on its upcoming mobile devices. Furthermore, Apple is taking a big slice from this chunk of OLED supply for its iPhone devices this year.

According to the same report, Samsung OLED display usage will account to 56 percent of the global market. The rest of the 70 percent will be for Apple to use. On other notes, Huawei may seem to be on the losing end in terms of OLED supply. The report claimed that Huawei will be getting only a meagre 8 percent share of the global OLED supply.

Mobile phone makers facing massive OLED display shortage in 2017

LG Display’s flexible OLED display panel (via

At the moment, Samsung Display generates majority of the OLED panels sold worldwide. While there are other companies that make the said displays, their production is somewhat limited for the time being. For instance, LG Display will only be able to start shipping OLED panels sometime in 2018. Another company, BOE Technology, will not be able to ship any OLED display until 2020.

It would seem that the mobile industry will be facing a major struggle in terms of display in the next couple of years. Perhaps some of them will revert to the much older display technology, the LCD. Furthermore, the shortage will also mean the LCD is still here to stay and will not be replaced by OLED any time soon.

A number of smartphones coming out in 2017 will have OLED displays. Samsung’s Galaxy S8, which will be unveiled by the end of this month, will sport a 5.7-inch curved OLED panel. Meanwhile, Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone, the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition, will also have an OLED panel. There are also rumours that by 2018 or 2019, Apple might shift to an all-OLED iPhone lineup as well. For more tech updates, be sure to check out TheBitbag.

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