Philips Wins Lawsuit Against Nintendo

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Philips announced on June 20 that the court ruled in favor of them with regard to a patent infringement case filed against Nintendo last May 2014.

Last month Philips filed a lawsuit against the famous Nintendo. The company claimed that two of its patents were infringed namely: ?user interface system based on pointing device? and ?virtual body control device?. Nintendo allegedly knows of the existence of these patents way back in 2011. Philips did inform Nintendo of the existence of the patents, yet, they chose to ignore it.

Philips claimed that Wii U and Wii systems as well as their accessories violated the law on patent. The company seeks to be indemnified three times of the damages from Nintendo plus putting a ban on selling the Wii U system.

A month after the case has been filed the announcement was made on the ruling of the case. Philips won the case on patent infringement in the UK such as the gesture and motion tracking systems of the Wii. Unfortunately, the company did not discuss further the impact of the ruling on its financial status.

With the progress of the case and Philips victory other companies such as Microsoft and Sony should be on their feet. If Philips ran after Nintendo and won, what would stop them to run against the two giants and file another patent infringement case.

The sales of Nintendo have not been great for the past years plus with the latest ruling of the court, the question now is this – what?s left for the company? This would eventually lead to a?financial crisis and the future of Wii will soon begin to be blurry. Nintendo will have to start to come up with innovations, create gaming consoles with features that are all original and existing patents should be taken into consideration. This is to avoid further lawsuits like what Philips did.

The lawsuit is a lesson to be learned,?for companies who are vying to get more sales from ?consumers without taking into consideration factors that may create a ?legal battle.

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