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Pharell Williams Gives NBA 2k14 Players More Reasons to be ‘Happy’

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The NBA 2K series have given players a reason to believe that there is life after NBA Live. Yes, for years, NBA Live has lorded over other games as THE basketball game. But upon its last incarnation, Live 2010, NBA Live seemingly gave up the reins over to NBA 2K as king of the mountain. NBA 2K is, anyway, the only basketball title that?s known since 2011.

2K studios hit it big with NBA 2K. Featuring a gameplay that almost feels like you?re watching an honest-to-goodness live basketball game, NBA 2K also has a basketball mode that can take on the NBA Live?s and come out on top. There might be imperfections in it, but as with any game, these imperfections serve as a jumping point for it to improve.

NBA 2K also takes online modification to the max, by incorporating real life updates in player rosters and transfers. Players can wear the same shoes that they do in real life, and they are also transferred to the team they are currently playing for. Aside from that, the realism and degree of difficulty 2K added to the gameplay is good enough for gamers to be entertained.

image courtesy of HDW

image courtesy of HDW

Recently, 2K Sports announced that Pharell Williams was about to become the curator of the next NBA 2K game. It was only natural, then, that a new locker code was created. Locker codes are codes which players of the game used if they wanted to receive or gain items normally not obtainable even by playing online. Some of these items are considered rare, and would boost your team drastically.

The code in question, for those who haven?t seen the picture or the video just yet, is Girl. Presumably, a Diamond Kobe is up for grabs, or something else altogether that?s unique, but not as appealing. This code, however, only works until the 25th of July, or?hey, that?s today!

It would be good to get the code now while there?s still time. However, if you?re a fan of locker codes and the items they may or may not give to you, here?s a video where you can get even more codes:

Now, if you?re a first time player of the game, and you don?t even know how to put the codes in, here?s how to do it. You need to go and open up the main menu. Afterwards, look for the option that says ?Locker Codes?; bring it up, and there will be a dialog that gives you an option to place a code. Enter the Locker Code that you have, or any other code you want to try. Afterwards, on the virtual keyboard, hit ?Enter?. Watch as your random reward becomes visible to you.

Part of the exciting gameplay 2K gives you is its weight in Locker Codes. Try these locker codes out, and see for yourself if you have an item that?s an envy of all, or one that?ll give you a substantial boost.

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