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Phablets Will Get Bigger

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Samsung_Galaxy_Note_seriesSome consumers have their brows-up to phablets, or a class of mobile device that combines the uses of tablets and smartphones. In layman’s description, phablets are those mobile devices you see around you that are either too big to be considered as phones or too small to be taken as tablets. Either way, in spite of the critiques it has, it is foreseen that their sales and user demographic will be increasing this 2014.

Bob O’ Donnell, the founder of Techanalysis Research and one of the world’s greatest technological experts, admitted that he used to see phablets as preposterous.

?I thought Phablets were ridiculous at first.? ?Bob O?Donnell said on his recent interview with Forbes, ?How could you hold one to your ear to make a call?? O?Donnell continued.

But as he sees how people reacted to the convenience that phablets can bring to their users, he concluded ?But over time, they grow on you.?

The only thing problematic about phablets are their sizes. However, as manufacturers continue to innovate and create designs that will outdo their competitors, they have developed the packaging of phablets beyond what people have expected. Now, slim and lightweight phablets are now brimming the market and is now foressen to outgrow the sales of large scale and small scale tablets in 2014.?Furthermore, the convenience of phablets are unquestionable as they combine the handy messaging and telecommunication power of smartphones and the playfulness of tablets and their applications. In plain words, phablets have the best of both worlds.

According to Bob O’Donnell, an estimated total of?175 million Phablets will be sold worldwide. 175 million units of phablets, not 175 million worth of phablets. So, if the average amount of each phablet is at $200, that is a total of $3.4 Billion worth of phablets to be sold this 2014!

Galaxy-Note-PhabletsIt is said that South Korea is the leading consumer of phablets in the whole world as almost 2/3 of all smartphones used in South Korea are phablets. Other leading consumers of phablets are the countries Brazil, China, Taiwan and other European countries.

Samsung will still be the leading manufacturer of phablets for 2014 with their new line of Samsung Galaxy mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy S4. However, leading comepetitor LG will still be releasing their newest set of phablets which may also set the bar high.

Let us see if the world will be brimmed with phablets this 2014!

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