Peyton Manning Retire Now Because Nobody Will Want You Anymore

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Peyton Manning

Speculations about Peyton Manning retiring had instantly begun after the Denver Broncos? victory over the Carolina Panthers in the Superbowl 50. Now, the quarterback has finally made his retirement official after 18 National Football League (NFL) seasons. However, more speculations arise saying that the 39-year-old NFL star still wants to play more American football.

According to CBS Sports, the star quarterback isn?t ready to put his cleats away just yet. But will the Denver Broncos still keep him? Probably not.

Not with a salary cap of $20 million, the Broncos will be re-signing, 25-year-old Brock Osweiler. Manning?s going to have to play somewhere else if he still wants to stay in the field, but it will be a challenge as nobody will want to have him anymore.

The 39-year-old quarterback has enough drive to stay in the game, but that will no longer suffice in order to win games. His victory with the Broncos in the last Superbowl was the perfect ending to his brilliant football career given that it was already his second triumph in the NFL.

So Manning needs to retire now because it will be too painful to watch one of the greatest, if not the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history play too long until he can?t play anymore. Legends need great endings to their great stories too.

The NFL hall-of-famer has already dispelled rumours of his desire to play on as he officially announced his retirement at a press conference on Monday morning at the Broncos headquarters.

His retirement will spark a lot of talk regarding his ranking among the all-time greats. He finished with the holy trinity of career records, as 9news writes, with 539 touchdown passes, 71,940 passing yards and exactly 200 wins, counting the postseason.

9news also quotes former Broncos tight end and hall-of-famer, Shannon Sharpe, on his thoughts about Manning, ?For somebody to (match what ?Manning did for the Broncos) they?re going to have to win a Super Bowl, win an MVP, throw for 56 touchdowns, 5,500 yards after the age of 36? I don?t know if that will ever be done. Somebody might change teams and win a few ?games. But nobody is going to have ?the four-year stretch he had in Denver. It might happen again, but we?re not going to be around when it does.?

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