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PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator: Tips To Becoming YouTube’s Next Big Thing

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YouTube sensation Felix Kjellberg recently launched another title following the success of Legend of the Brofist. The new title called PewDiePie?s Tuber Simulator allows players to simulate the life and struggles of an up and coming YouTuber who’s?set to get more views than PewDiePie himself.

Internet stardom isn?t a walk in the park though as PewDiePie?s Tuber Simulator pushes players to do careful planning. The game is surprisingly deep and there are quite a few things to consider when playing. Here are our tips on becoming YouTube?s next big thing.

Don?t Focus On One Category

PewDiePie?s Tuber Simulator rewards players with bonus views for focusing on some of the video categories. From the start, it?s tempting to go all out on one of the categories and spend Brains and buy furnitures to get the most of it. It?s not a recommended move early on since players can only make one video at the beginning of the game, and not all categories get to be part of the video.

Spend Brains On Streaming

Players get Brains upon levelling up. Brains allow player to upgrade a few of their Tuber?s stats. There are a lot to upgrade, but players should first focus on upgrading the Streaming bonus. This allows the Tuber to generate more views when the app is not running.

Use Bux To Expand The Room

Bux is considered the premium currency in the game. It?s hard to get and can be bought with real-life money. There are many ways to spend Bux, but it?s better to save up for expanding the room first. Tuber cosmetics and some of the furniture could seem useless if the room is small.

Watch Out For The Sponsor Eagle

Players should watch out for the Sponsor Eagle from time to time. It?ll come a few seconds after a distinct sound effect. Players should pass up on clicking the Eagle as it carries an array of bonuses including extra Bux, views, subscribers and Brains.

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