Petition for GTA V for PC is Getting Stronger Than Ever

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The petition for GTA V to be released on PC is almost heading to a whopping amount of 700,000. has a petition posted. If you own a PC and want to play GTA 5 on it, you better sign the petition there now. It?s got about, more or less, 690,000 signs right now.

?Because GTA is an amazing PC game and the idea of it not being on PC is a mistake!? ? Mike Juliard posted on petitioning for GTA V to be released for PC.

The game was officially released for consoles last September 2013, both for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It gained really good reviews and it was very well received by critics. The game showed promise of its first day on the market by taking in $800 million and sales that topped $1 billion in a mere three day span.

The game is actually expected to come out in 2014 for PC (the forecasted date is around early 2014 based from Eurogamer?s sources). Intel has also stated that they strongly believe that the game GTA V wouldn?t stay console-exclusive for too long. To make a good comparison of how games from Rockstar Games were released, GTA IV was released after almost 1/3 of the year after its console debut. The same might apply with GTA V since it is nearing the same timeframe with GTA IV?s port to PC.

Although Rockstar Games mentioned that the open-world game port to PC is under ?consideration?, the fact is that one of their popular open-world games never made it to PC as well and that is Red Dead: Redemption (and the previous title before it).

If ever the game actually gets ported to PC, it is also likely that it will also make its way to newer consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (No way in Wii U, but you can dream of it).

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