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PES Manager is Konami?s casual soccer simulation game and it will now be available for both the Android and iOS platforms.

The description reads: ?Take on the world with the team of your dreams,? and features more than 1500 players from EU leagues. Players will be able to gather Europe?s top talents and create their own unique soccer team.

Collect Player Badges

In PES Manager, photographs of players from the EU leagues are featured as Player Badges. There are a lot of different players to choose from and there are Prize Draws that help you collect badges in the game. The players have 2 options for collecting badges, they can either use Friend Points (which are available for free) or use Energy Balls (available as an in app purchase). Getting a hold of top players may be tricky, but it will be essential to form an original and a strong team.

Try it out on the pitch?

Once the Player badges have been collected, you can move on to set the formation of the team and the 3D characters will compete against opposing teams. There are Player Badges that have Special Skills so use them wisely and at the same time be wary of your opponent?s own Special Skills. Rewards increase based on the Excitement level of a match so when the Excitement level is very high, the rewards should be very good as well.

Building your team

Players will require training just like in real life. There are abilities that can be increased by special badges that can be obtained by participating in different matches like Challenge Matches, Skill Matches, and Special Matches. Formation elements can be utilized to strengthen your team and take out the competition.

To help boost participation, the game will have offerings for different campaigns and events with in game prizes.

The entire game is free to play. No purchases are required, but things like the in game Energy Balls can speed up the game if you wish to spend on them.

The game will require an internet connection so you?ll need to be connected via 3g or Wi-Fi.

Photo Source: PES Manager PlayStore

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