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PES 2018 Beta: New Online Co-Op Test This July

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PES 2018
Source: PES 2018 E3 Trailer video

The official Pro Evolution Soccer Twitter account confirmed that an online beta will start this coming July 20. Fans can finally try the upcoming PES 2018 before its release on September 12. The PES 2018 beta will also feature an online co-op mode that’ll allow players to go on multiplayer with their friends as teammates.

According to the official PES Twitter, the PES 2018 beta is just ten days away. The official PES site confirms that this beta will start on July 20, 8:00 to July 31, 4:00 UTC. However, this time is tentative to change if Konami need something done on the beta.

As seen in the official site, two game modes are available for this online beta: quickmatch and online co-op. OperationSports reports that the online co-op will feature a 2v2 and 3v3 co-op gameplay for the players. The game mode allows players to bring in teammates locally.  If just aiming for the vanilla 1v1 gameplay, quickmatch should do just fine.

Konami has yet to release any gameplay content info of this coming beta test. The playable teams, stadiums, demo limitations, and other new feature introductions in the beta have yet to be detailed. Fans will just have to wait for the beta info in the coming days before it starts.

So far, the PES series has always been the underdog football video game and has to prove if its a worthy competitor to EA’s FIFA series. The previous PES 2017 title was able to beat FIFA in terms of gameplay, but it still failed to compare with licensing and had nothing to stand against FIFA’s The Journey story mode. Konami has already released a PES 2018 trailer but the fans have yet to feel the new game in their hands. Soccer fans and newcomers can use try out the demo to check if they’ll like and buy Konami’s annual football title this year.

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