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This year is the World Cup year, and people gearing for the exciting clash between their favorite players and national teams are thrust into buying a game to celebrate the event. Last year, people chose between eternal rivals EA Games (FIFA) and Konami (PES), and eventually, FIFA won. People thought even as entertaining as PES was, it wasn?t graphically or licensically satisfying enough to bowl FIFA over. However, by no means did FIFA got an easy time last time.

This year, though, PES made a great comeback with improvements, but its safe to say that FIFA did enough to keep their hold on the football simulation throne. Owing to the World Cup, these games are enjoying a great year in sales. However, which game will once again capture the hearts of solid gamers, FIFA or PES?

FIFA has historically had the upper hand over PES, thanks largely to a lot of improvements, and PES? seeming lack of improvement in areas that badly needed it. For one, it has always had a complete roster of teams, which PES tried to make up for with its badly named squads. But this year, with both promising to shock the other in terms of overall improvements, which game will take it all? Let?s find out:



It wasn?t really until 2008 when FIFA started to introduce improvements in match playing, menus, and player characteristics that it was recognized as THE football game. If you played it in 1998, a full ten years removed, you would?ve encountered boxy figures. By this time, through FIFA 11 to 14, you?ve learned that this wasn?t the case. However, the players look familiar; painfully familiar. FIFA players seems to have the same design year over, and it can be pretty boring.

Beautiful doesn?t quite begin to describe the latest incarnation of PES. While they have not lacked in this department since the first PES game, FIFA had always brought us enough to make us overlook their improvements in graphics. This time, operating under a new graphics engine, PES 2014 takes us to a whole new level with almost terrifyingly-accurate player faces, as well as crisp stadium and uniform designs. You?d think it was PES 2015 you were playing.

The round goes to: PES 2014



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FIFA has, over the years, controlled every aspect of the area in this department. It has always been the example in the control department, what with realistic trajectories of the ball, the player movements, and the slick first-touch control providing enough excitement. Enough excitement that, with a lot of playing time spent, makes the player forget the shortcomings of their patented Ultimate Team and Career mode. This modes do take a lot of the player?s time; still, much can be expected from FIFA, which uses its tried and tested formula this year again.

The area which PES 2014 reigns supreme seems to be in their roleplaying. Their Master League and Be a Legend features are consistently good, with some players even picking PES? Master League over FIFA?s Ultimate Team, owing to a personal touch that they say FIFA sorely lacks. However, PES does have some problems in the aspect of player AI movement. It is relatively easier to pass and play the ball around than in PES, and at times, in crucial moments, a defender commits a fatal blunder that leads to a good ball-in and an eventual goal.

The round goes to: FIFA 14



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FIFA 14 has always been proud of their commentary, delivered crisply by digitized versions of Martin Tyler and Andy Smith. In a bid for more immersion, commentators Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend does the commenting ?when available?, such as for English broadcasts and international matches. While at times it does get repetitive, they do make up for it by delivering the same comment in different ways.

Playing through PES 2014 does get boring after a while, seeing the same mistakes over and over again, but it does have its moments. However, if you get to listen to Jim Beglin and Jon Champion deliver the same comments over and over again, it DOES turn boredom into tedium. The fact that the game attempts to deliver a comment about an action the player does through in-game plug-ins makes it sound worse, almost robotic.

The round goes to: FIFA 14


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If you?re looking for a game where you can be immersed in real world teams where your favorite stars play in their usual uniforms, choose FIFA 14. Since its inception, it has always had exclusive rights over most leagues, including the Premier League in England, the 1.Bundesliga in Germany, and in Asia, the Hyundai K-League and the J-League in Japan. However, one shortcoming that FIFA failed to address once again was the lack of a functioning international cup competition; at best, the national teams are replaced by placeholder characters wearing awfully faked jerseys.

This is the case when you?re playing PES 2014. Although you do have your stars, the fact of the matter is that they are always wearing fake jerseys and playing for placeholder teams, that is, if you?re playing the Premier League. Don?t get started on the other teams, though; at worse, your favorite star might be languishing in virtual football hell, being undrafted because the league they?re usually playing for doesn?t exist.

The round goes to: FIFA 14


The Verdict: So it seems FIFA wins this hands-down, but don?t let appearances fool you. If you?re looking for seamless simulation, coupled with accurate character faces, choose PES 2014. If you?re looking for a game that poses a challenge as well as a complete selection of teams to choose from, FIFA 14 is your game. At the end of the day, the choice of the game still rests with you.


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