PES 2013 World Cup mod: Smoke Patch 5.2.6

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Football is dubbed as “the beautiful game.” There are even some purists that say that if you don?t appreciate football then you don?t appreciate the true beauty of the human spirit to succeed despite all odds. Philosophical ideologies aside, 2014 turns out to be a year in the mold of 2002, 2006, and 2010, which are the years of the recent World Cups.

This year has seen quite a lot of shockers in the world?s biggest footballing stage. For one, last year?s champions, mighty Spain, has been shot down in the group stages, even suffering a 5-1 setback to the Flying Dutchmen, led by Manchester United striker Robin Van Persie. The group stages also saw the English side suffering a dismal campaign, its worst in recent years, despite the best efforts of Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard and captain Steven Gerrard.

Even if your favorite team ended their campaign on a sour note, doesn?t mean that you have to sulk around waiting for their crack at the next World Cup, which is in another four years. This early, you can attempt to re-write history, even if only for a moment. Pro Evolution Soccer has cup competitions that proves as an excellent aid at role-playing what could?ve been for your favorite national team. Unfortunately, Pro Evolutions Soccer?s makes it impossible to have a complete field of national teams to compete in the World Cup, let alone even have a World Cup as a cup competition.

The good news lies in Dido_SmoKE and the SmoKE Team?s 2014 World Cup, offering a patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 that features an almost complete fielding of national teams, mostly those who have qualified for the 2014 World Cup.

To install this patch, one needs to have the 5.2 patch released by Dido_SmoKE installed. This patch, in turn, adds a great many features to the game. It adds a lot of accurate faces for the players present both in the patch and in the game, along with a South American optional league containing 30 teams. There is also more accuracy in the balls used in domestic leagues, as well as an extensive boot package for use by the teams. As a separate option, there is also a patch for HD turfs for stadiums, chants specific to each nation?s domestic league, as well as more accurate sponsor names for each language. If you want, you could also replace the generic songs included in the Pro Evolution playlist with ones coming from the SmoKE team.

With the installation of the 5.2.6 update, you?re going to get an updated selection for the World Cup squads.? This also includes World Cup team kits and the ball used in the World Cup. If you haven?t updated to 5.2.6 yet, then it?s time to do so.

So, does it matter if your team didn?t make it past the group rounds? With this latest patch for Pro Evolution Soccer, you can exact revenge on your team?s real-life tormentors. Who knows? This time, you might even guide your team to the glory that you know they so rightfully deserve.

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