Personal health decisions are now simple, straightforward, and convenient with this at-home test kit

Detect symptoms and allergy reactions at your home using these test kits

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This pandemic made people scared of going to hospitals. As the COVID-19 outbreak worsens in the U.S., at-home test kits for various viruses have been a source of peace of mind and convenience for many. The test’s purpose is clear; sick individuals could get a diagnosis from the comfort of their home without any hassle of scheduling appointments and risking themselves in infections. And this is what Notch offers.

Notch is a personal health metrics company that empowers Americans to optimize their health through simplified, at-home testing and screening. They believe assessing your health should be straightforward and convenient, allowing us to enjoy the aspects of your life that matter most.
The brand is rooted in the belief that everyone should have access to the resources to make informed decisions about their health. They want wellness to be something you can achieve both at home and on the go.
Notch’s health tests cater to those looking to pinpoint food sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, airborne/environmental sensitivities, and more. Each test provides consumers with valuable and actionable information about their health. But the kits are only for anyone over the age of 18 looking to complete a lab test.

Their unique selection of at-home tests is developed by a team of experienced scientists at their CLIA-certified lab. From screening for food sensitivities and airborne irritants to vitamin deficiencies, each of their at-home tests is a culmination of years of research and is designed to provide you with results you can rely upon.

How do Notch at-home tests work?

  • Place Your Order
    Before you can get your personalized health results, you will need to order a food sensitivity test. Their tests range from simple vitamin D panels to in-depth food sensitivity screenings, which are done in the comfort of your home.
  • Receive Your Test Kit
    After placing your order, you should receive a series of emails letting you know when your test kit has been shipped. Expect the test kits to arrive within 5-10 business days, only after it has been approved by a board-certified physician.
  • Activate Your Test Kit Online
    For this step, you will need both your email and the Test Kit ID on your collection card to create a login to the Notch Portal so that you can access your results once they are available.
  • Collect Your Sample
    After activating your test online, collect your sample using the detailed instructions provided in your test kit. The method of collecting your sample will depend on the type of test you ordered, so they created a more thorough overview of how to get both saliva and dried blood spot samples.
  • Mail Your Sample
    Once finished collecting your sample, you have to use the pre-labeled envelope to mail it back. So it will be analyzed by the team of scientists at their CLIA-certified partner lab to be reviewed by a certified physician.
  • Get Your Results
    When your results are ready, you will receive an email notification to access them via the secure portal.

The benefits of at-home testing are mostly for convenience, confidentiality and potentially improves health care for people. But it’s not just that, Notch Health offers peace of mind because their test kits provide accurate, scientifically validated results at home that could ease dangerous burdens on your health care.

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