Persona 5’s Last Free DLC Out Today

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Image from Lettuce Sauce YouTube Channel.

The critically acclaimed Persona 5 will be getting it’s final DLC pack today, and it is free for everyone to download on the PlayStation Store. Even though it’s only July, the DLC Pack will be Christmas-themed outfits, which is similar to the game’s previous DLC. Other free DLC for the game includes the Butler and Maid Pack, as well as the Swimsuit Pack, while the rest of the extra content is paid.

Like previous DLC, each outfit matches the character’s personality, like Ryuji having an “edgy” mask so that he can look cool or Futaba dressing as a Reindeer. Ann Takamaki has another sexy outfit, which has become commonplace with the character, though it does make some sense since she is a part-time model. The protagonist (or Akira if you’re going to read the manga) has a pretty generic Santa outfit, though it is slick looking enough to be considered cool.

A YouTube video from Lettuce Sauce confirms that the DLC will not have special Christmas music during battles, which only seems to be in the paid DLC. The swimsuit and butler/maid DLC didn’t have any special battle music either, so it looks like Atlus only saves them for paid DLC. Still, it is a nice early Christmas present for fans of the game and should offer some nice aesthetic attires.

It’s the last DLC for the game and is completely optional, since it doesn’t really affect gameplay in any way aside from the looks of the characters. Story-wise, nothing really changes from the base game and that’s not a bad thing, since the title is one of the best JRPGs of 2017. Some will even claim that it’s one of the best games of the year and it’s hard to blame them, thanks to a number of likeable characters and addictive gameplay.

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