Persona 5 Traits: Easy Ways To Earn More Chances For Stat Growth

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In Persona 5, players are always pressed for time due to story mission deadlines and limited time players can engage in various activities in the real world. Maximizing your character stat trait is important as it helps you get over any trait checks in Confidants and other in-game events. Here are some quick tips to grow your traits fast in the early game.

Maximizing Special Events and Days

The game’s tutorial pop-ups will tell you certain days and weathers which will grant bonus yields if you choose to certain trait improvement activities. Rainy days improve your Knowledge traits even more when studying at Café Leblanc and Mondays and Thursdays will make the Bathhouse yield more Charm stats for you. Meanwhile, dumping the most expensive fertilizer bought from Shinjuku will yield you high Kindness gains for taking of your plant. Take note of these special yields to help you maximize your stat gain.

Confidant Bonuses

Confidants will sometimes ask the protagonist to spend time with them through your character’s phone. Spending time with Confidants during times like this will also reward you with some character trait boosts. Even if the Confidant bond doesn’t level up during this interaction, getting free trait boosts is a great bonus.

Lastly, your party members will often ask you to study with them as the exams draw near. This interaction grants both Knowledge and party member Confidant boosts.

Sunday Drinks

Early on, the drink stall in the Shibuya’s Underground Walkway will inform players they have special drinks available every Sunday. These drinks can be expensive but they grant you a small trait boost after chugging it down. Even though it has a small trait boost, it doesn’t count as a major activity that wastes your character’s time. You’ll need every trait boost available to max it out fast to remove trait checks as early as the first playthrough.

Maxing Out Temperance

The Temperance Confidant can only be started a little later in the game where you’ll be required to have “Staunch” level Guts. Maxing out this Confidant will grant you the “Special Massage” service which will allow you to do major interactions during a regular evening after entering Palaces or Mementos. Normally, Morgana will block any other action you do outside sleeping if you did battles for the day. This special ability allows you to fully maximize your days especially if you’re feeling pressed for time in Persona 5.

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