Persona 5 Traits Guide: Easily Boost Knowledge, Guts, Charm, Proficiency, And Kindness Stats

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Persona 5 Traits
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In the Persona series, players will have to invest time in improving their character’s traits. High personality traits allow players to access some interactions or choose particular dialogue options. Here’s a quick guide to boost Persona 5 traits faster and their uses.

Persona 5 Traits

In Persona 5, the player character’s traits are Knowledge, Guts, Charm, Proficiency and Kindness. The players start each trait at level 1 and continuously work on self-improvement or part-time jobs that will help improve these stats. Overall, they don’t contribute much to the battles but they do help you unlock other features that can help you fight better.

How to Farm Traits Fast

Fans on the Persona 5 subreddit have already pooled some information which could help to hastily max out your personality traits. Reddit User Roegadyn lists down a few handy pointers in maximizing your character’s trait gains. Doing so saves both time and effort which makes players effective in their everyday life when not being phantom thieves.

  • Get the most expensive plant fertilizer to get the best Kindness boost from it.
  • The Juice Vendor in the Shibuya train station sells drinks each Sunday that boosts personality stats.
  • Borrowing Library books are great and aim to get every book recommendation that the game gives you.
  • Rainy days give bonus stat boosts than usual. Make use of it.
  • Monday and Thursday Bathhouse use grants improved Charm gain.

Players will need to capitalize on these bonuses to maximize their time and possibly focus on building stat points. Once these points are maxed, players can plow through any stat requirement and get things done earlier.

Trait Use

The fans also listed some use of the Persona 5 traits. Knowing trait use will allow you to prioritize which ones you should invest in first. Here are some uses and possible growth activities according to Reddit User SelticAltire.

  • Charm: Bathhouse,  Devil Confidant, Sun Confidant, movies, books, passing tests, eating Frui-Tea
  • Knowledge: Study on Café Leblanc/Library (improved on rainy days), class recitations, TV Quiz shows, Star Confidant
  • Guts: Death Confidant, books, movies, Big Bang Burger challenge, Study in the library, Drink coffee while studying
  • Proficiency: Batting cage, Thief tool crafting, Hanged Man Confidant, books, movies, theater, Beef Bowl shop part-time job
  • Kindness: Plant care, Tower confidant, Hierophant confidant, Flower Shop part-time job, Nostalgia Steak

Maxing out these traits can allow you to get to the meat of the Confidant levels fast. You’ll get to max them out early and have improved bonuses to help your characters grow even stronger. It’s advisable to max these out in the first playthrough and focus on completing all Confidant links on the second playthrough. Maxing out all of the Persona 5 traits allows you to bypass any personality requirement and push on with some actions as early as possible. Stay updated with more Persona 5 news and guides here on The BitBag.

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