Persona 5 Tokyo Game Show 2016 Livestream: Watch New Gameplay Videos As Atlus Releases New RPG In Japan

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Few RPGs are as anticipated as Persona 5. Sure, there’s Final Fantasy 15 and Legend of Zelda, but they don’t capture the angst and relationship building of the Persona series. The game will be coming to the West in February, but there will be a livestream to keep fans happy.

In fact, there will be two livestreams. There will be one at 10:20 Japan time called the ?Final 5555 Seconds.? This will be the pre-launch livestream, as the game comes out first in Japan on September 15. The second livestream will happen during the Tokyo Game Show. This will begin at 9:30 on September 17.

Final 5555

As most fans know, Persona 5 will be available in Japan this month. It’s a bit sad how fans worldwide have to wait five more months for its release, but the livestream helps. Fans will be able to watch some gameplay and get themselves giddy for the various changes.

Persona fans will be able to check out the livestream via Niconico. Fans will be able to see the livestream at the aforementioned time of 10:20 on September 14.?

TGS Livestream

Those with more patience can wait for the TGS livestream of the game. As mentioned before, this will take place at 9:30 on September 17. Streamed live from the Tokyo Game Show, fans will be able to see how other players play this RPG.

According to Persona Central, fans can watch the stream till September 18. Unlike the Final 5555, this stream will only be available on Niconico. This shouldn’t be a problem for fans of the game though, since they just want to see the gameplay.

Overall, it looks like a good time for Persona 5 fans. The game will be coming to the PS4 and PS3. It will be available in Japan this week. The game will get a worldwide release on Feb. 14, making it the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. This RPG has been delayed numerous times, as the game was meant to be released last year.

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