Persona 5 Technical Attacks Guide: All Combinations

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In Persona 5, the new “Technical” hit  system allows players to deal increased damage when hitting debuffed targets with certain attacks. Easily, players can use this tactic to maximize damage outside dealing critical and weak hits. The official guide only lists three available Technical combinations so far.

Technical Hits

The official Persona 5 manual lists three Technical hit conditions to deal its improved damage. Technical hits require players to follow-up certain attacks against debuffed targets to deal stronger damage. Here are the Technical combinations available in Persona 5.

  • Hitting “Burning” targets with Wind attacks will deal Technical damage.
  • Hitting Frozen or Shocked targets with Physical attacks (Strike and Shoot) will deal Technical damage.
  • Hitting a dizzy or sleeping enemy with an attack they nullify will deal Technical damage.

Remembering these tricks will help greatly against enemies that have too many resistances like bosses or rare Shadows. However, technical hits require too much setup which can be dragging in the early game.

Knowing Your Moves

Knowing where to get these attacks are somewhat easy in the early parts of the game. Fire spells like Agi have a small chance to inflict the Burn debuff. These spells can easily be found from Magician Personas like Jack O Lantern and even from Ann who specializes in Fire spells and supportive abilities early on. Meanwhile, Morgana can use wind spells (Garu) if you need it.

Freezing your enemies will require you to have Bufu and can be found off Personas like Silky, Jack Frost or the next party member after recruiting Ann. Meanwhile, Ryuji already supplies the team with Zio if you need to shock opponents. Additionally, Ryuji specializes in dealing heavy physical damage, which means he’s great for technical hits.

The Third, Difficult Setup

Meanwhile, the sleep/dizzy technical hit will need players to setup with specific debuff spells that deal no damage. These debuffs rarely work on bosses and rare Shadows as they usually have resistances. However, make sure to remember using Technical attacks in the late game as players will be urged to to experiment rather than sticking with the tier 3 elemental spells and physical attacks.

Defense Against Tech Hits

Enemies can also use Technical attacks on the Phantom Thieves, so be careful if an enemy starts spamming debuffs. Prepare debuff cleansing consumables and spells to deny enemies of this setup against you. Usually, enemies that keep hitting your team’s weak point are most likely able to repeatedly use One More chances to steamroll your whole party to death or leave them in dangerously low health. Stay updated with more Persona 5 guides here on The BitBag.

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