Persona 5 Take The Treasure Event: What You Need To Know About Atlus’ Reveal In July

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Besides the new gameplay trailer revealed at E3, Persona 5?s appearance also confirmed the last party member?s identity, Goro Akechi, and an upcoming event happening on July 19 in the Tokyo National Museum. The upcoming event will also be livestreamed, similar to ?Take Tokyo Tower.? Meanwhile, some Japanese fans can join the ?Undercover Investigators? event on the same date. Here?s what we know so far about the Take the Treasure event.

The recent Persona 5 E3 NicoNico stream revealed an interview with potential party member and high school detective Goro Akechi. It also showed the Persona 5 Atlus showfloor footage on the livestream and announced the ?Take your Treasure? event this July. Similar to the Take Your Tower event, the upcoming July livestream may reveal another Persona 5 trailer and major announcement?as well as the game?s European release date.

Previously, the NicoNico live streamers answered a poll about the item to be stolen by the Phantom Thieves on the said event. Many fans voted for ?Your Heart,? which somehow completes one of Persona 5?s taglines, but it could also be understood as a flirty answer to the poll. This leaves the target item of the Phantom Thieves still a mystery, so fans will have to wait for the gimmicks that Atlus will pull off in the event.

Other than the livestream, ?Take The Treasure? also has a live event as its official site also provides a link to a registration form as an ?Undercover Investigator.? The prize for the event will be given through email, but sharing of the ?winning information? will not be allowed. Additionally, Goro Akechi may also make an appearance on the Atlus livestream or in the Tokyo National Museum as he?ll be tracking down the Phantom Thieves.

Previously, the ?Take Tokyo Tower? event revealed some of the songs from the game?s soundtrack as they were continuously played while fans were waiting for the show. However, there was also a brief dialogue between the protagonists as well as other background noises such as police sirens during the event.

During the event, the Tokyo Tower lights suddenly lit up in red, but nothing too extreme or dramatic happened after that. This same approach may happen again in the upcoming Persona 5 July event, but we?ll surely be entertained with the upcoming announcement and the brief show at the chosen venue.

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