Persona 5 Streaming Ban Pushed To 11/19, Atlus Apologizes For Previous Threatening Tone

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The official Atlus site has recently posted about changing their Persona 5 streaming ban rules after receiving fan feedback. As of April 26 2017, players can now stream content until the in-game date of November 19 to allow fans to share the game more while still keeping spoilers off the ending at the same time. Lastly, Atlus also apologized to fans as the previous Streaming ban announcement may have threatened them.

New Streaming Ban Rules

As seen on the official Atlus site,  the company has changed up the rules of their previous Streaming ban to let fans share more of its content without fear of a copyright strike. As of this rule revision, players can now stream up until 11/19. The developers point out that the game starts to build itself to the final act after this date.

Other Unmentioned Ban Rules

Even though the developers moved the streaming deadline up to 11/19, Atlus didn’t mention about changing the other streaming ban rules. Previously, Atlus also warned people from posting about the endings of the first three Palaces and its major boss fights. If not changed, people might not be able to stream about the targets beyond the third one. Atlus has yet to clarify about the other rules of the streaming ban.

Share Button?

Fans on the official Atlus Twitter page are also asking the company if they can use the PS4 share button for Persona 5 now. However, the company has yet to reply if the players can use this function now. Persona 5 streamers had to use third party hardware and software to hook up their gameplay to a PC to share it.

Not Too Late For Apologies

Atlus also apologized to the fans for having a threatening tone during the previous streaming ban guidelines announcement last April 4. The company admitted to have gone overboard in phrasing the warning in their streaming guidelines. Previously, multiple news outlets and fans have voiced out against Atlus about the tone of the previous announcement.


11/19 in Persona 5’s in-game time is definitely near the final act as Atlus mentioned. Allowing to stream beyond 7/7 will cover some of the later Phantom Thieves recruits and some Confidant links that start out late. Overall, it’s best to have the streaming ban deadline moved as more content can now be shared to its fans. Stay updated with more Persona 5 news here on The BitBag.

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