Persona 5 Social Links Confirmed, Cooperation System Also Uses Tarot Cards

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Previously, fans were worried of a possible exit of the Social Links system due to the lack of mentions from Atlus and its P Studio developers. Persona 5 developers mostly talked about the Cooperation system which could possibly replace the whole system. However, the recent reveals near the end of Persona 5 Take the Treasure eventn?proved that the system was mostly similar and still sported the ?Tarot Card? motif for its key NPCs.

Near the end of the Take the Treasure Livestream, more unique Persona 5 NPCs were showcased in the game. Similar to previous Persona Social Link NPCs, the main character will socialize and spend time with people from all walks of life regardless of age, occupation, and hobbies. If Cooperation system really works like the old Social Link system, each of these NPCs will have a unique side story and give out extra EXP when mixing Personas of the same Arcana as the Social Link. Lastly, finishing the side story will allow the main protagonist to access the last Persona in that Arcana.

As seen on the Cooperation page on the Persona 5 site, most of the cards still aren?t filled up. This means that Atlus may have some more NPCs to introduce at a later date. Alternatively, the main character?s party members could also be a Social Link or a Cooperation NPC to explore their backstories as well. Currently, Atlus may reveal these remaining slots either on the Persona 5 Demo Tour exclusive to Japanese players or their upcoming appearance on the Tokyo Game Show 2016 this coming September.

Having plenty of side stories with accompanying voiced NPC dialogue may have caused the game?s English version to be delayed. The five month leeway should be allotted for the English release on February next year should be plenty of time to localize and translate the game?s dialogue. Dual Audio mode wasn?t promised for English fans so the game will fully translate both menus and dialogue in the upcoming game. Fans can only hope that the English localization of Persona 5 is similar to the quality of its original Japanese version.

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