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Persona 5 Review Embargo Date, Review Roundup, And Everything You Need To Know

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persona 5 review
The protagonist. [Image from the PlayStation Store]

Fans are dying to see a Persona 5 review and validate their high expectations for the next beloved RPG installment. The game comes out on April 4 on PS3 and PS4, so fans want to see which is the better version. Aside from that, they want to know if it’s a good game or if the Persona formula has grown tiresome.

Currently, the only reviews that are available are those of the Japanese version of the anticipated title. PSU has noted that the English version was recently reviewed by the Official PlayStation Magazine, getting a perfect 10 after being called “the most accomplished, accessible, precocious modern JRPG out there.” Apparently, we will see more reviews from mainstream websites on March 29, a good week before the game comes out.

The Perfect Persona Game?

Kotaku posted a Persona 5 review of the Japanese version, praising it while also calling it very Japanese. It seems like this is another great game from Atlus, which is no surprise since almost every Persona title is good. One has to wonder if fans are tired of the game’s formula, but the stylish visuals and interesting story could win them over.

For those unaware, the Persona formula has always been a mix of socializing in high school and JRPG battles. By day, players study and form relationships with their teammates, and at night they fight demons to save the world. Each game had a different way of portraying the battles they partake in, helping each game feel fresh and interesting.

Update: Both OPM UK and GamesMaster gave stellar reviews for Persona 5, saying the game tops Final Fantasy 15. Meanwhile, Edge gave the game an 8 out of 10 rating.

Will Western Reviews Feel The Same?

Expect a positive Persona 5 review or two when the embargo lifts on March 29, given the series’ reputation. While the gameplay hasn’t changed much, fans should enjoy some of the newer dungeons that have puzzle solving and light platforming. It’s worth noting that the Western version of the game was delayed so that the English script wouldn’t be subpar.

It will be interesting to see which version sells more, though the PS4 is the likely candidate since it’s a current-gen console. Expect the PS3 version to be a hard find for some, though here is hoping that the gameplay is just as smooth. Then again, it was supposed to be a PS3 exclusive before it was decided that it would be brought to the PS4.

Persona 5 is slated for an April 4 release on PS4 and PS3. There is a steelcase edition and a collector’s edition to pre-order.

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