Persona 5 Steelbook and ‘Take Your Heart’ Editions Already Available At Select US Retailers

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Persona 5 isn’t supposed to hit the US shelves until April 4, but the highly awaited role-playing game is already being sold in select retail shops. Just a week before the official release, some gamers came forth to share that they have spotted copies of the Standard Edition and the Take Your Heart Premium Edition of the game already on display in some popular stores, including in Los Angeles.

NeoGAF user AledyHauser posted in the gaming community a copy of the game which he allegedly bought in an LA-based retailer. He did not reveal which store the copy came from, although he did offer providing those details to anyone interested through private message. The uploader also claimed the store have “plenty of copies” of both the standard and premium versions. Check out a screenshot of his posting below:

Persona 5NeoGAF

AledyHauser isn’t the first gamer to get his hands on the game ahead of the Persona 5 US release date. Redditor douglashole also posted some photos of his own copy of the Take Your Heart Premium Edition at the Persona 5 Subreddit, including the contents of the package. The Reddit posting had no caption, but the uploader somehow hinted in the comments section that he got it from South California too. He even offered to give some details to those who resides in the same location.

Meanwhile, The Reimaru Files claims the Steelbook Edition has made it to a few customers early too. There isn’t much about the report, though, save from the claim that “the said version was for Region 1 (USA).”

Persona 5 Early US Release

While news of the early release is something good for the consumers, it actually is a bit of a concern for the retailers. Breaking street dates could spell trouble for some distributors from game publishers. If caught, they can be barred from selling copies of future games as it may be considered a breach of contract.

But it’s important to note that breaking street dates isn’t new in retailing business. There have been many instances, not just in Persona 5, that retail shops took advantage of this to get an unfair lead from rivals who follow the original release day. It’s not surprising anymore that it’s happening in Atlus’ latest title as well, given it has received critical acclaim upon release.

The publisher first released the game in Japan last September 2016. Pre-order in the US has since been available from, GameSpot, NewEgg, BestBuy, Walmart, and Target, among others. The Standard or SteelBook Launch Edition for the PlayStation 4 costs US$59.99 and US$49.99 for the PlayStation 3.

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