Persona 5 ‘Take Your Heart’ Release Delayed As Premium Edition Pulled Out Of Amazon? What’s The Deal?

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Bad news for every gamer out there who pre-ordered their Persona 5: Take Your Heart Premium Edition on Amazon. A recent post by Atlus USA confirmed that there have been cancellations on orders in the online retail shop. This is after Amazon classified some of the title’s material as “dangerous goods.”

On a post on the official Facebook page of Atlus USA, they confirmed that Amazon cancelled bunch of Persona 5 orders. According to emails Amazon is sending out, the item “contains regulated materials classified as dangerous goods” which is why they can not deliver it. Plus, transporting the product needs to be done in a “certain way” to ensure that they are handled with care.

Altus USA, on the other hand, stated on their post that after checking out their products, they can confirm that “there’s nothing defective or ‘dangerous’” about it. On a good note, only a tiny number of Amazon sales have been affected by the cancellation. If you are one of those, however, you can contact your retailer for support.

Persona 5 Release Cancelled By Amazon

As of writing it is not yet clear whether or not Amazon will retract their decision about the cancellation. Although they already mentioned that they can not ship those orders, some gamers are still hoping for the online shop to still deliver the products. For now, let us just wait for further announcements from both Amazon and Altus USA.

Persona 5 PS4 Bundle

Meanwhile, let us move onto the good news. Altus announced today, as reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, that the those who ordered the standard edition of the title in America will also receive a DualShock 4 controller skin. It will feature member of Phantom Thieves. This bonus alone is enough to prove why gamers love Altus that much.

However, keep in mind that the controller skin will only be available while supplies last. If you want one, you better be quick and run to the nearest retailer shop near you. Altus just recently announced it so it is still probably available as of writing.

There you have it! Some of the latest news and updates about Persona 5: Take Your Heart. Do you think Amazon would continue the shipments of those order sometime soon? Or will they stand firm on their decision? Hopefully, Altus USA and Amazon would clear the issue so affected consumers can be attended. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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