Persona 5 Release Date And New Details: Game Not Arriving This Year? New Opponents Revealed!

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Persona 5 may be delayed, but there are new info on the anticipated JRPG.

Atlus has announced that Persona 5 won?t be arriving this year, but at least it gives them more time to finish the game for next year, while we wait for it to arrive, we got some good info about the game. In the latest issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu, the story of Persona 5 will differ from the last two games (Persona 3 and Persona 4), instead of a central enemy, the characters will be taking on different opponents, as the game will have an omnibus story.

The theme of Persona 5 will be more on social reform, the main character aim are to make the antagonists confess on their crimes to regain their stolen hearts, the villains will reside in a place called the Palace. A smartphone app feature is included in the game to help the main character s keep in contact in locating enemies.

Some Personas; the summoned being by the characters, were also named from the article in Famitsu, the protagonist?s Persona is called Aresene, Ryuji?s Persona is Captain Kid, An uses Carmen while the cat-like mascot Morgan has Zoro. It has also revealed the name of the fifth character that was shown at the latest trailer, Yusuke will have the Persona called Goemon, Yusuke will join the Phantom Thieves; the main characters? team name later in the game. The newest trailer also showed its stylish visuals and some new combat scenes, cutscenes and side activities commonly found from previous Persona games, it will also feature platforming elements on certain areas as well.

Persona 5 will be available for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and as mentioned earlier, it was delayed and moved to a summer 2016 game release

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