Persona 5 Reddit Subscribers Receive Unwarranted Spoilers

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Do not go to the Persona 5 Reddit. [Image from Amazon]

The Persona 5 Reddit is not the place you wanna be in if you’re excited for the upcoming JRPG. Apparently, a person has been spoiling important plot elements to new subscribers hoping to post their excitement about the game. It’s sad that someone who got an advanced copy of the game would use their knowledge to spoil other people.

Someone had to post on the PS4 subreddit to warn other fans not to join the subreddit. The Redditor messages fans spoilers and though these can be ignored, the name of the poster is also a spoiler for the game. Fans have united against the troll, so here is hoping that gamer has learned a lesson regarding spoilers.

Do Not Spoil

Currently, the mods are trying to make the Persona 5 Reddit less spoilery, since it’s an ideal place for discussion. Persona games have always had interesting stories and characters, so someone wanting to ruin that is just plain bad. The mods for said Reddit forum have been trying to lessen these trolls, so here is hoping they get rid of all the bad apples.

Atlus doesn’t like spoilers either, as Polygon revealed that the PS4 share function would be disabled for the game. It’s a pretty shocking thing to see, since some players might just want to take pictures of the game’s stylish visuals. Then again, considering all the trolls that have emerged from this one forum, it might have been for the better.

Avoid The Internet

Rather than joining the Persona 5 Reddit, it looks like fans are better off avoiding the Internet as they wait for the game. What sucks about the troll is that his/her username is also a spoiler, which makes it twice as infuriating. Fans are better off waiting for the game and playing something else, since there are a number of great PS4 games out right now.

To the surprise of no one, Persona 5 is getting plenty of positive reviews, with many calling it a JRPG masterpiece. It’s easy to see why so many fans are excited for the game, since previous games in the series have also been described as excellent. Since the game is coming out on the PS4 and PS3, it should be a fitting farewell to the last-gen console.

Persona 5 will be available on April 4 on PS4 and PS3. The game has been available in Japan for sometime, which is probably how the spoilers were made.

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