Persona 5 PS4 Theme Download Link: Get Free Theme In US And How To Get Makoto, Anne, And More Character’s Themes

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Persona 5 PS4 Theme

Recently, Atlus announced that Persona 5 will be delayed to April 4, 2017 for?both US and Europe. Despite the delay, Persona 5 developers have confirmed that the game will have Dual Audio and free Dynamic Skin for its PS4 players. Here?s what we know so far on the free Persona 5 PS4 theme and the other announcements.

Free Ryuji Theme

According to the US PlayStation Blog, the delay announcement came with extra content for its fans. The content goes on from Dual Audio being confirmed for its English releases and a free Persona 5 PS4 theme for its US PS4 users. The Ryuji Sakamoto Persona 5 PS4 ?theme ?is now free to download for a day in the US PlayStation Store.

Other Persona 5 themes

Currently, other Persona 5 protagonist themes are available on the Japanese?PlayStation Store. Dynamic themes for Protagonist, Ryuji, Anne, Morgana, Haru, Makoto, Futaba, Yusuke, Goro, and the Velvet Room denizens are up in the store, so you can buy one if you have a Japanese account. US and Europe players may find these available in the store once the game gets released in April.

Meanwhile, none of the PS3 Persona 5 themes will be free. The free Ryuji Sakamoto Persona 5 theme was only announced for its PS4 version.

Europe Release

According to PersonaCentral, the Dynamic theme will also be released on the European PlayStation Store on November 24. The free theme deal will also last one day, so be sure to grab it when that date comes.?

According to Atlus, they decided to delay the game in order to work more on the script. They said the success of the game in Japan has pressured them to make the Western release better.

Another reason for the lengthy delay could probably be for the?Dual Audio feature. Previously, the developers weren?t able to give a solid answer about including a Dual Audio feature in the English version.?

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