Persona 5 Guide: Ways To Bypass Disabled PS4 Share Feature

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Atlus has locked off the PS4 share feature for Persona 5 and won’t allow players to share content revealing progress beyond August 7 in the game’s calendar. There’s other ways to capture and share Persona 5 screenshots and videos, however; players may need to spend or use some external hardware to share these content.

Atlus Ban

The official Atlus post has discussed the terms of sharing Persona 5 content. Apparently, players can only share content and events before 7/7 (August 7) in the game’s calendar. Additionally, players can only record the first boss fight and no other boss battles in Persona 5. Overall, Atlus has placed many restrictions in sharing Persona 5 footage that players will get their Youtube or Twitch accounts suspended.

Lastly, the PS4 Share button doesn’t work for Persona 5. This situation forces fans to find workarounds or stay silent about their progress in the game. This move saves the public from spoilers but heavily restricts its current players from sharing the experience with others.


Currently, players have external options in recording their Persona 5 gameplay. Sharing Persona 5 is possible as long as the player has a way to connect it to a PC. Players can use the console’s Remote Play feature on PC to fully play the game on a different platform. Once on the PC, the players can now use recording software to get their footage. Persona 5 screenshots can also be taken through this.

Additionally, players can also use capture cards to get footage if they don’t have any recording software. As a last resort, smartphone cameras can also be used to snap Persona 5 gameplay, albeit the lighting might look extremely unnatural. Just keep in mind of Atlus’ warnings and your screenshot and footages won’t be taken down.

Screenshot Limits

August 7 in Persona 5 means that players have three months of in-game time to snap moments and share footage. The game starts in April as the main character just transfers to Shujin High and stays with Sojiro Sakura for the time being. The Kamoshida boss fight is the first major boss in Persona 5 and he’s dealt early in the story. Until the ban is lifted, players can only snap some regular game events and no other bosses outside Kamoshida. For now, players can only wait until Atlus lifts the sharing ban and finally share gameplay freely. Potentially, Atlus may eventually unlock the PS4 Share button to let fans share their experiences easily without any hitches. Stay updated with more Persona 5 news and guides here on The BitBag.

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