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In Persona 5, two new spell types from previous Shin Megami Tensei and Persona entries are now part of its battle system. The new spells deal increased damage not only against targets weak to this element but also to certain debuffed targets. Meanwhile, the Light and Shadow elements also gets some regular damage spells outside of their one-hit kill chance spells. Overall, these new spell types are essential if the regular elemental spells aren’t effective on the enemy.

Psy and Nuclear Spells

For the newer Persona fans, the Psy and Nuclear spells seem to be new elements added to the series. However, the Psy spells have appeared in Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner while Persona 2 allowed players to cast nuclear damage spells. The only difference is that these spell types deal technical hits when an enemy suffers with a certain debuff.

Technical Hit Advantage

In Persona 5, players can also have a chance to deal increased damage with Technical hits outside hitting weak points and critical hits. These strong hits require a target to have specific debuffs to take effect. The Psy spells, namely Psi and its stronger and area-of-effect versions, deal stronger damage against mental state debuffed foes. Charm, Confuse and Dizzy are some debuffs that can trigger Psi’s increased damage.

Meanwhile, the Frei nuclear spells hit harder when you’ve managed to successfully deal an elemental spell debuff. Burn, Freeze, and Shock will be sure to amplify your Nuclear spell’s damage. More than buffing Frei, dealing elemental spell debuffs will also boost other attacks to deal a technical hit.

Psi and Frei Use

Players will definitely meet some enemies with damage resistances or nullification which can make them tough foes to deal with. However, Psi, Frei, and Technical hits tend to ignore these damage reduction stats and still deal good damage themselves. Remember to use this combo if you face a tough enemy that usually reduces strike and shot damage.

Bless and Curse Regular Hits

The Bless and Curse spells have regular damage and one hit kill versions. Bless has the Kouha spells while Curse has the Eiha spells to deal regular damage of these elements. Kouha and Eiha work like your usual spells that deal damage and knockdown targets weak to these types. The old Hama and Mudo spells still exist in the game should you ever want to use them again.

“Ooooooh Hamaon”

In the year 2000’s Persona titles , the Light and Shadow offensive spells only had their one hit kill attacks that vary in differing chances. These attacks only had a chance to completely kill enemies in one hit and reliably triggered if the target is weak. Conversely, players are often frustrated against fighting foes with one hit spells as one unlucky turn can get them a game over screen.

Both Light and Shadow spells are seldom useful against boss fights as most of them resist this element and are sometimes ignored when making late game summons. However, they’ve gotten regular damaging spell variants in Persona 5 which make the element exist beyond its luck-based one hit spell type fame.

Spell Loadouts

At best, get one of Fire, Wind, Ice Electric, Psi, Nuclear, Bless and Curse spell on your main character to keep each weakness covered should a need to finish encounters fast arise. This loadout also assures an easier start in checking enemy weaknesses as long as your main character gets to play a turn. Make sure to bring one even if your party members cover the element.

Where to Get New Persona 5 Spells

For newer players, you’ll get a glimpse of the new Bless and Curse damage spells as early as Arsene with his Eiha. Meanwhile, the Psi and Frei spells don’t get seen much up until the second and third Phantom Thieves target. Keep playing to see them soon.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the spells yet, but make sure to consider getting them if you find a Persona with these spells. Doing the Strength Confidant Persona collection quests will lead to you to some Personas with Psy and Nuclear spells. Two of the Strength Confidant requirement Personas, Shisaa and Matador, natively have Frei and a Psi spell when you make them. Stay updated with more Persona 5 guides here on The BitBag.

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