Persona 5 Can Be Finished Without Any Party Members

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Persona 5
Source: Persona 5 – Sizzle Trailer | PS4 video

Embarking in Mementos and Palaces with a full four party team in Persona 5 makes fights easier. However, it’s actually possible to clear the whole game without using party members even in the boss fights that seem to need them around. However, this should only be attempted in new game plus playthroughs.

Game Systems Giving Way

Some Persona 5 boss fights have a unique gimmick that will temporarily disable one party member to make the boss vulnerable. Some boss fights like the Pyramids and Casino boss require you do to these portions to deal relevant damage against them.

However, Det_Wun_Gai’s screenshots on the  Persona 5 subreddit shows evidence of the game system skipping an impossible sequence when fighting Shadow Sae alone. The first phase of the Shadow Sae boss fight requires tasking a teammate to shoot a mirror in the roulette to prevent her from cheating its results. If not stopped, the roulette will keep showering penalties to the party until they die. However, the game intervenes as Futaba and Shadow Sae trades dialogue and the boss proceeds to its second phase.

Party Member Anti-Boss Attack Chances: Advantageous But Not Necessary

These unique anti-boss attacks adds more depth to Persona 5’s boss fights and prevent these encounters from becoming long trades of big damages. Atlus seems to have some systems prepared if players want to clear Persona 5 without party members for any reason. However, some bosses are technically difficult to take down without relying on these special attacks during the boss fights

During the Pyramids main boss, the boss evades all Physical-type attacks and receives little damage if hurt while flying. Normally, the boss needs to be shot with the ballista that Futaba provides during the battle. Solo players may consider this to be the most difficult boss fight in their playthrough due to this problem. However, it’s all manageable with the right Personas and equipment.

Do It In New Game+

If possible, these “main character-only” playthroughs must be done after clearing the first playthrough. A strong main character needs specific Personas and high-level equipment to deal their maximum damage alone. The first boss fight becomes trivial if an end-game Persona is used in a New Game+ playthrough.

At best, players need to have summons for healing, buffs, debuffs, damage charging, and Yoshitsune to make this playthrough possible. Yoshitsune blocks Physical damage and has the best Physical skill, Hassou Tobi, which deals heavy damage to all enemies if set up right. A Persona 5 solo playthrough is only possible and plausible if you’re stronger than all the bosses in the game.

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