Persona 5 Has No Day One Patch, Additional Content Via DLCs

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Persona 5 Day One Patch
Source: Persona 5 – Sizzle Trailer | PS4

Persona 5 will finally be available  on April 4 for its Western fans. The game doesn’t have any confirmed Day 1 patch, and players can play the game immediately after inserting the disc unless players want to download the Japanese voices. Additional costumes can also be downloaded on later dates as scheduled on their site.

Persona 5 Release Date

Atlus’ Persona 5 will finally be released this April 4 as scheduled. Some players have secured an early copy a week before the game’s official release and can play the game without any problems. Those who received an early copy of the game also didn’t receive a Day One patch. Having no Day One patch for the Western release isn’t surprising considering Persona 5 launched way back in September last year in Japan, giving the developers plenty of time to address all the issues. It was also delayed from its supposed Valentine’s Day launch in the West solely to improve its English localization. 

The official Persona 5 site lists the available DLCs for its Western players. Free DLCs on launch day includes a Japanese audio track, a harder difficulty setting, a healing item set, and a skill card set. Apparently, the Japanese audio track weighs the most, amounting to nearly 3GB.

Most of the paid DLCs planned until July are mainly for cosmetic purposes. There’s more free content coming including a Swimsuit DLC set to be released this April 25.

Atlus is still on the watch on major spoilers for early Western copies. No wonder the developers disabled the PS4’s share feature on their game. The wait is almost over so just hang on until all the players can start playing as the Phantom Thieves.

Persona 5 so far

The western Persona 5 release in the West comes nearly 8 moths since the game launched in Japan in September 2016. Western players can already import and play the game early if they can understand the game’s Japanese dialogue and menus. The early Japanese release means that tons of spoilers have already been circulating even before last month.

Meanwhile, the early Western copies doubled up these spoilers. Crucial plot points of the game have now surfaced on sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit. Players who don’t want to get spoiled should avoid browsing too much on these sites as they may find unwarranted spoiler drops. 

Depending on their region, Persona 5 is just one or two days away from its release date. Players can opt to prepare their money to buy their copies off the store and start playing in their home. After Persona 5, the P Studio team is confirmed to work on the Project Re:Fantasy title, which looks more like a traditional JRPG with a medieval fantasy setting than a modern one.

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