Persona 5 Is 2017 Game Of The Year?

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Persona 5
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As of the last week of April 2017, Persona 5 has topped the Metacritic charts at 93 overall metascore. Fans are already considering the possibility for Persona 5 to win some awards this year or even snag a Game of The Year award this 2017. However, Persona 5’s separate Japanese and Western release date could potentially make it ineligible for  receiving awards.

Topping The Reviews

As seen on Metacritic, Persona 5 currently tops the list at 93 metascore and a 9.0 user score. This data still can’t speak for every Persona 5 player but at least the reviewers enjoyed it a lot. Persona 5 has just been followed with a tie between What Remains of Edith Finch and Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn at 89 metascore.

Game Of The Year?

Atlus’ title definitely has a strong start this April but it’s still too premature to award it as the surefire “Game of the Year” winner this 2017. The year still has eight months and the usual video game award events happen late in the year. We’ll have to wait for announcements about the next “Game Awards 2017” or any other large events to show up for Persona 5 to have a chance to rake in these prestigious awards.

Release Date Woes

Potentially, critics may call out Persona 5’s separate release dates to invalidate its eligibility for 2017 awards. The Japanese release date of Persona 5 was last September 2016 which technically makes it a 2016 release. However, the same could be said about Final Fantasy 15 which failed to qualify in the Game Awards 2016 as it was released a week after their nomination requirement.

Final Fantasy 15 and Persona 5 may duke it out in racking game awards to continue their supposed September 2016 release date rivalry. Both games received release date delays which prevented the clash from happening.

Other Awards

According to Persona Central, Persona 5 has already received two awards from the PlayStation Awards 2016 last year. The game won the Users’ Choice award and Gold Prize award. Since the game was only released on Japan last year, it was definitely eligible for this game. Since Western players and reviewers seem to like Persona 5, it’ll definitely stay as a Game of the Year contender as long as they support it on any awarding events this year. Stay updated with more Persona 5 news here on The BitBag.

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