Persona 5 New Game Plus: All Things To Do In New Game+ For The True Ending

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Persona 5 New Game Plus
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Similar to previous Persona titles, Persona 5 also has a “True” ending route and New Game Plus waiting for its players. Usually, the first playthrough will leave most players with incomplete Confidants which encourages players to try completing them all in their New Game+ run. Here’s what you should do to get the complete “True” ending in their Persona 5 New Game Plus playthrough.

Complete “True” Ending

Similar to Persona 3’s “true” ending, the route towards this ending can be decided through one crucial decision near the last part of the game. Players must disagree with the last boss’ final deal to continue on the “True” ending path. Maxed out Confidants will appear in the cutscenes to give one final push to help the Phantom Thieves defeat the last boss. Incomplete confidants, save for the Moon and Hierophant confidants, won’t appear during this sequence. Players who want to see the “complete” version of the True ending will have to level up all of their Confidants to Rank 10 in their Persona 5 New Game Plus playthrough.

Spending Time All Over Again

During the game’s prologue, the player will be sent to say their goodbyes to their Confidants one last time before the main character goes back to their hometown. Each Confidant will give you a commemorative item of your friendship, which isn’t just a regular key item. These items will allow you to have access to all of their Confidant skills and bonuses at level 1 in the New Game+ run. Additionally, carrying a Persona of their Confidant’s arcana will always assure a rank up each time you hang out with them. The Persona 5 New Game Plus is built to support players to complete things faster if they’ve already did so in the first playthrough.

Unique Romantic Confidant Events

A Persona 5 New Game Plus character usually has a decent amount of maxed out character traits and Confidant routes as a result of their actions in the first playthrough. For their New Game Plus playthrough, they’ll have access to some unique early game romantic events with select Confidants and party members. However, players will be required to max out, have a relationship, or progress slightly to trigger these events.

Trait Requirements Out Of The Way

Character trait requirements will be a breeze if they’ve partly invested with their route. The Hanged Man Confidant is the most arduous one to start in the early game as it requires to have the Guts trait at level 4 when you’ve just started out in Persona 5. Your Persona 5 New Game Plus playthrough carries over character trait progress so you can just focus on spending time with Confidants during your free time.

Off The Ending Again

Once you’ve already triggered their Rank 10 Confidant event, feel free to ignore them to spend more time with other Confidants. At this rate, Persona 5 can be enjoyed as a casual story-based experience with barely any grinding time due to your New Game+ carryover progress. More than the ending, Persona 5’s journey toward its end is also a rewarding experience for any player.

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