Persona 5: New BGM Confirmed Among DLC Costumes

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Persona 5

Recently, the official Japanese Persona 5 site confirmed its in-game DLCs. The new DLC list has more costumes and summons from the previous Persona entries. Fortunately, Atlus may actually bring throwback Persona tunes with the battle theme and battle jingle DLCs along with the costumes. Here?s what we know so far.

Costumes and Throwback Music

According to Siliconera?s translation of the Japanese Persona 5 DLC page, the costume DLCs also has a Persona 5 battle theme styled according to that game?s music theme. Fans of the Persona music may aim to buy all of these DLCs. The DLC costume could be worn with gusto if they want to celebrate their favorite tracks better.

Music Genres

So far, the older series still has a traditional RPG touch with a unified Battle or Victory theme for the whole series. Revelations: Persona and both versions of Persona 2 (Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment) have similar sounding battle themes to match this pattern. Meanwhile, the Shin Megami Tensei If Battle theme stands at a frantic tempo and possibly be too retro for the new technology.

Meanwhile, Persona 3 and Persona 4 had its own identity as its music director Shoji Meguro was successful in incorporating Jazz Fusion into the Battle themes. Persona 3 had a jazz fusion mixed with Orchestra, Soul and Rap. Persona 4 had rock music and jazz fusion mixed together. Meanwhile, Persona 5 has been confirmed to have some acid jazz BGMs, but fans were able to notice hints of the Vaporwave genre in one of the tracks.

Potential Return of Meguro?s Picks

It?s possible that the DLC tracks could be remixes of the Persona 5 Battle Theme. It?ll be a bonus if vocalists from older Persona entries like Yumi Kawamura, Lotus Juice, and Shihoko Hirata make an appearance in Persona 5 tracks. So far, only Lyn Inaizumi has been confirmed to have vocals in the game.

Perhaps Atlus may insert more tracks as they still have five more months before the English Persona 5 release. Localization may be the main focus in those months, but more music development should be welcome to fans as well. The Persona series is not only known for its good stories?but also for its fantastic music. These tracks will make generic fights feel enjoyable as it will definitely get you dancing to the tune’s groove.

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