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A fan has recently made an app that copies the messaging system in Persona 5. The recent Persona entry has been praised for its stylish graphics, loading screens, and user interfaces. Here’s what we know about this fan-made Persona 5 mobile app.

Where Have You Been?

As seen on the Google Play Store, Nick Greenan has released the “Persona 5 IM App” that aims to copy the game’s messaging system. Since the iOS messaging system can’t be switched, Apple fans won’t get their hands on this app anytime soon.

This app has Persona 5’s stylized messaging system, group chat, and a changeable background color. Players who loved Persona 5’s stylish messaging app should try this out as their default messaging application. For now, it’s unknown if Atlus has already seen this app.


The creator himself admits in the Persona 5 subreddit that the app has some missing features. Currently, the app doesn’t have MMS, which prevents it from using and processing images in messages. However, the developer is working on adding this feature to the app. For now, the Persona 5 messaging app is good for having a stylish interface as the normal messaging app is better with its features.

Persona 5 Messaging

Messaging each other in one large group chat has been a staple for the Persona 5 main protagonists. Most of their group dialogue, planning, thoughts, and other exposition are done through this. Adding up with the main story events, players are able to get twice the amount of text and dialogue if we combine their cellphone messaging and physical meetups in Persona 5.

Moreover, Persona 5’s messaging design is different from regular iOS and smartphone design due to its emphasis on edges and jagged patterns. The smartphone chats mostly use rounded shapes to keep its texts. If you’re not into it for Persona 5’s style, you can at least do it for a change of pace.

Update: According to an unoffiicial Phan-site Facebook page, the app seems to allow malware into your phone. We advise on installing this Persona 5 messaging app once the creator makes it safe and stable.

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