Persona 5 Mementos Dialogues: All Missable Conversations With The Phantom Thieves

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Mementos can be fun. [Image from PlayStation]

Persona 5 is one of the best PS4 games available and part of that is due to the memorable characters. Whether it’s Ryuji, Futaba or Akechi, all of the game’s characters are fun and interesting enough to spend time with. After all, time is limited in the Persona games, so maxing out Arcanas in one playthrough is nearly impossible.

However, listening to their conversations in Mementos can be fun and is the best part of the game’s grind dungeon. At the least, it makes grinding through said dungeon more lively, especially when the later floors get murkier. Thanks to a video from Termy, we now know that listening to these can be fun when travelling through Mementos. It’s also a great way to hear all the conversations without having a shadow interrupt the dialogue. 

Getting To Know You

Normally, players get to know characters in Persona 5 by spending time with them outside of Palace invasions. While Mementos doesn’t increase their bond in anyway, listening to Ryuji discuss working out or Makoto talk manga is fun. These are always fully-voiced, so we get to hear their voices a lot when venturing through Mementos.

The fact that these are fully-voiced is pretty great, since hearing Ryuju and Morgana sing the railroad song is hilarious. It’s basically a nice showing for the game’s voice actors, who clearly enjoyed being part of the experience. Some might prefer it in Japanese, while others will keep it English, but there’s definitely something for everyone.

Personality 5

Players might miss out on these fun conversations, since Mementos is mostly done for grinding and side quests. Additionally, opening doors and attacking shadows can cut their conversation. Considering how weak the enemies are here compared to Palaces makes that understandable, and it can get a bit repetitive.

Going through Mementos is an essential part of the game, even if it gets repetitive and dull after a while. Still, these character moments make the experience a tolerable one, and most players can breeze through enemies after a while. Plus, going through Mementos can help players get the good ending of the game, which is easy to achieve.

Persona 5 is available now on the PS4 and PS3, so last-gen owners can still get in on the fun. Atlus has released a bunch of DLC packs for the game, though they’re mostly cosmetic and aren’t essential buys. Some of them are free to download, like the healing item set and the skill card pack.

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