Persona 5 Live Stream: Watch E3 2016 Atlus Showcase And New Gameplay Reveals

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Persona 5 Live Stream

Despite previously announcing major details like release dates and pre-order packages for Persona 5, Atlus still has an unstreamed show for the game at E3 2016. Atlus will showcase the game from June 14 to 16, but only the gameplay showcase this Wednesday will be streamed by Atlus

According to Siliconera, Atlus will roll out the ?Uncover the Phantom Thieves? event on June 15 9PM JST/5AM PT/8AM ET/12PM GMT. Their next ?heist? will be live streamed on NicoNico..

Meanwhile, IGN managed to capture the gameplay showcase on June 14. The footage was recorded off-screen so the quality isn?t the best, but it?s still great to see all the new and returning features in Persona 5.

The stream recorded by IGN shows Persona 5?s overworld pastimes and brief snippets of the game?s combat system. Similar to older Persona entries, players can take up a hobby to increase some of their stats and parameters. Previously, hobbies are only used to increase your communication stats as some NPC dialogues won?t progress if players don?t reach a certain stat. However, in the video, the player character worked out inside his house and somehow had his HP increased for exercising.

Part-time jobs for earning money have also been confirmed in the game. It?s unknown if they?ll grant more bonuses other than money, but both hobbies and part-time jobs often present a dialogue branch for the player.

Speaking of branching systems, Persona?s All-Out Attack has been renamed to ?Hold Up?. Similar to All-Out Attack, players can trigger this in a battle once all enemies are in a downed state, which usually happens after a successful critical regular attack or once an enemy?s elemental weakness is hit. The current party will proceed to ?Hold Up? the enemy group, and the player will be given a choice to proceed with an All-Out Attack or negotiate with them to become a usable summon a la 1990s Persona titles. Finishing up foes with an All-Out Attack will trigger their special screens, as seen last time in Haru Okumura?s appearance as Bishoujo Kaitou on the Persona 5 PV 04 video.

Alternatively, opting for the ?Demon Negotiation? choice will trigger a dialogue between the foe and the player?s party. Players will have to make the right choices to convince the enemy Persona to join their side. This will make it harder for non-Japanese speaking players to just import Persona 5 as they?ll have to rely on luck to correctly recruit Personas.

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